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02 Nov 2018

Wow, very impressed with the speed and ease of selling my gold and silver via mail!

I received my quote within a few days of posting my items and the money was in my bank account the same day!

Excellent communication via email and all my queries were answered on the same day.

I would recommend Cash for Gold Australia to anyone.

Thank you!

Sarah – Officer, Victoria

Sarah – Officer, VIC

10 Mar 2016

Thank you so much for everything! You guys are awesome and I will definitely use this service again.

Very impressed by the service and quick turnaround time.

Not only was it good service I got a great price!

Thanks again Lindsey – Zilmere QLD

Lindsey – Zilmere QLD

October 11, 2015


I would like to say I was very pleased when I cashed in my gold and the amount I received in return for my unworn gold jewellery. I have visited the store twice in the last 4 years and both times was impressed with the service I received. I highly recommend you.

Thank you

Lolita – Melbourne VIC

May 16, 2009

I am very happy with Cash for Gold Australia, when they emailed me their quote I said,
and when they asked me if I would write a testimonial I said,
yes of course. it’s been very good service, so I will write a good testimonial I appreciate your good service.
I got $160 the next day paid to my bank account.
Cash for Gold Australia really is a NAME YOU CAN TRUST


Debra Smith NSW

28th May 2009

Recently I discovered a great way to recycle the old pieces of gold jewellery I had. Cash for Gold Australia bought my old, broken pieces of gold jewellery.

I was pleasantly surprised when they notified me that they would pay me $382. For such a small amount of jewellery I was astounded.

I would recommend anyone to sell their old gold pieces. Not only did it get rid of some clutter but I had $382 deposited the day after into my bank account. It is a quick and reliable service that I highly recommend.

Kind Regards,

Amanda Lawrence Brisbane

30th May 2009

I had some old gold that I wanted to sell and I have been offerd $788.00 from a company in Sydney that buys gold online.
My friend told me to try Cash For Gold Australia, I have to say that I was very very impresed when Cash For Gold Australia emailed me their offer of $1355.00 which is nearly double what I have been offered before.
Thanks to Cash For Gold Australia, I got the money paid to my bank account the next day, just enough to buy my new laptop.

Heather Mulgrave, Victoria

15th Jun 2009

“What an excellent service! The postage envelope was sent to me, all I had to do was put my bits of broken jewellery in the envelope and post.
Can’t be happier with the outcome. Never imagined I would get that much money, so quickly and straight into my bank account.
I was sceptical at first but Cash for Gold Australia do live up to their promise on their website which is a rarity these days. thanks for the service will recommend you to others!
Warm regards

Amanda Jefferson, WA

30th Jun 2009

My Testimonial….
Straight talking, quick feedback, good price offered and very prompt payment,
Thank you Cash for Gold Australia.


Rob Kelly Qld

18th Aug 2009

I had a few bits and pieces of unwanted gold and I didn’t know where to go. After researching the net I came across Cash for Gold Australia. I am so lucky I did!!! The prices they offer are fantastic. They regularly communicate with you and I found them to be fantastic and to their word.

10th October 2009

Dear Cash for Gold Australia Team,

I would like to formally thank all the Cash for Gold AustraliaTeam for providing an excellent fast reliable true service.

Over 15 years ago, shortly after my 18th birthday, I was given a shoebox of assorted gold items, bracelets, key rings, cuff links, chains etc from a relative as a present.

Over the years I had tried a number of times to sell the assortment. I approached the local pawn dealers and a gold buyer, but was very disappointed with the valuations. I was often told that the gold was not worth much in its condition and dated look, and I was often questioned as to the authenticity.

I first heard about the Cash for Gold Australia’s team on a T.V show, and thought I would try the service. The valuation was far above what the other businesses had offered. I would and have been recommending the service to anyone I know.

Again thank you for the excellent service.


Paul Mance Melbourne, Victoria

16th of October 2009

Hi Michael

I’m so glad I saw your story on A Current Affair and followed-up with your company.

I could not believe how simple and profitable the afternoon was,

selling gold that has been sitting in my drawers for years! I know many of my friends now

are all wanting to host a party and I can’t believe I get a cash bonus myself just for the recommendation.

Thanks again for your professionalism and prompt service.

Maria, Bulleen. Victoria

I would just like to say how many people have bits of old jewellery lying around doing nothing ” too expensive to get repaired ” you maybe only have the odd earrings, I was aware of the company and thought I would give it ago, I am so glad I did some wonderful cash came my way to spend on a lovely christmas holiday with my children and grandchildren, how lucky is that,



Gold Buyers Australia kiosk in the shopping centres offered me $260, and that took me trying to bargain with them…Not an easy process, it left me feeling cheap 🙂
Cash for Gold Australia has provided me with excellent customer service! I’m from W.A. and it only took 3 working days from when i posted the jewellery to when i received their quote. They have offered me more a lot more money than Gold Buyers Australia, and required no bargaining. A very quick and easy transaction with a great outcome! Fantastic service in every aspect and I’m not just saying that!

Sharyn, W.A.

Cash for Gold Australia

Dear Michael,

I’d like to thank you, on behalf of Bundoora United FC, for the opportunity to raise funds for the Club through your Cash for Gold party.

We raised an impressive $2,177 for our Club and it is a great start for our upcoming 2010 season. We will host several more of these events in our 2010 season and see it as a great way to fund raise for our Club.

Looking forward to the next event.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Cattenazzi Bundoora United FC – Treasurer


A big “THANK YOU” to Michael & Team for such a fun and memorable gold party. Everyone had a wonderful time and were extremely happy with the dollar amount they were offered for their gold. I too was very happy with my incentive for having the party…
Many thanks!!!!

Melissa Korunoski Taylors Hill, VIC


Well that is a pleasant surprise! Gold Buyers Australia Kiosks in the shopping centre offered $670.00 and when I showed no interest they offered a further 10%. Naturally, I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to deal with them. I am very thankful that I made that decision now.
Thank you for your offer of $1166.15 which I gratefully accept and rest assured that I will inform friends and family that they will get a better deal with Cash for Gold Australia.

Barbara Ludlow Rasmussen, QLD


Thanks so much for all your efforts on the day- We do know that those who did come were very pleased with their sales.


Janet Meriba Services Club


Just a quick note to let you know how pleasantly surprising it was to discover that the gold jewellry i had lying around, either broken or just not my taste anymore was actually valuable as a result of the gold party. All my friends who attended were very excited with the payment they received for their no longer wanted jewellry and were glad to get rid of the gold that was really of no use. I think its a great idea of making a bit of cash while cleaning out your jewellry box and having fun with family and friends.
would i do it again–Absolutely!




Just a quick note to say thanks for attending my Gold Party. Your efficient service & professional manner was fantastic! We all had a great time & walked away smiling – was great to earn some money rather than spending it for once!

Thanks again,

Laura Perrone.


Hi Guys

It was very nice to meet you and the dealings with you were very friendly and pleasant. Also thank you very much for all your good advice and help in selling our jewellery.

Wish you all the best for the future!

Elfi Gin Gin QLD


Hi Michael

Many thanks for such a fun evening! Every one really enjoyed attending a party where not only didn’t they have to buy some thing they didn’t really want, they came away with money for old trash! Every one was pleasantly pleased with their cheques and every one left with a smile on their face!

Lots of friends at work are now interested and wished they had come along!

Thanks again

Joy Jarratt


Hi Guys!
Just wanted to say thank’s for a great evening, after doing my homework and researching several other gold buyers, I had no doubt that Cash For Gold Australia were offering one of the best deals around.
I must admit a few of my guests were a bit sceptical about selling their gold, but your consultant was very polite and professional and soon put their minds at ease.
Turn’s out my guests were more than happy, and somewhat pleasantly surprised with their offers, it was well worth it, especially for me! paid for my flight to the UK.
What can I say if your thinking about it do it! you won’t regret it get rid of that old gold and make it work for you.

Good Luck and Happy Selling Thanks again

Joanne & Co


Thanks so much – can’t say enough what a great service Cash for Gold Australia is – I wish I could somehow encourage more people to come to you rather than get ripped off by the kiosks at the shopping centres, it’s a shame more people are not aware.

Many thanks again for a great service.

Kylie Hughes – Pakenham Vic

Thank you for the great price that you gave me for my gold at your Richmond Office.
You paid me about 5 times more than I was offered at a shopping centre kiosk!
I left your office feeling extremely pleased about the cheque in my hand.
I also appreciated the pleasant, efficient and no-nonsense service that I received.

Simone Mont Albert Vic

Just to let you know that I went to one of those gold sellers in the mall and they only offered me $79 for the same items.
I will recommend you guys to my friends as you pay the correct amount and the process is reliable and trustworthy.
Thanks again Judy

Lilli Pilli NSW

Thanks so much for making the trip for my gold party last weekend. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon – afternoon tea with my girlfriends and making a bucketload of money at the same time. Too easy. The rates you offerred were fantastic. My girlfriends haven’t stopped talking about it. Looking forward to organising a Cash for Gold fundraiser for my daughter’s school.

Johanna – Ballarat

I am a VERY happy Cash for Gold Australia customer! I took my unwanted gold jewlery to GOLD BUYERs in the shopping center and was offered around $180 for 24g of gold. I thought that my stuff was worth maybe a little bit more than that, so i took my stuff to Cash for Gold Australia at 112 Swan st Richmond and i was in SHOCK! I could not believe what they were telling me, I had 34g of gold NOT 24, so for 1 GOLD BUYERS were ripping me off in weight, then the lovely saleman i spoke to at Cash For Gold Australia, assured me there was actually 34g of 9ct and that I would recive over $500 for the lot…….. it’s horrible to know that people make a business out of ripping you off. I will be recommending Cash For Gold Australia to friends and family.The one hour drive was well worth it!

Ebony, Frankston, Vic


That sounds fantastic! Please proceed with payment.

Who would have thought something kicking around in the jewellery box could pay towards Xmas this year. I will have to pass your details on to friends and family.

Thanks for your efficient service

Belinda – QLD


Thanks Cash for Gold Australia I am over the moon with my $850.80. I took my gold to Gold Buyers in my local shopping centre and was offered $400 less than half what you paid me. Their quote also included an extra 10% birthday offer and they tried to tell me that was the best I could get. They are a rip off. Cash for Gold Australia is so much easier and more beneficial to the pocket!!!!!!!!!!! I will recommend them to anyone. Thanks again

Kerry – Qld


Thats fantastic, I was offered $327 from Gold Buyers in the Plaza but had a laugh and left, I would be absolutely thankful for your offer of $674.45 and will say a resounding YES!!! Thanks so much.

Charmaine – NSW


“I am one satisfied Cash for Gold Australia customer. The process was very speedy and the quote offered to me for my 36g 9K gold was fantastic, nearly doubled of what I was originally offered by a gold buyer booth in my local shopping centre. Payment was deposited into my account overnight….Now that is under promise OVER DELIVER!!!!

I have a couple more necklaces that I want to get rid of and it looks like they will be heading to no other place but Cash for Gold Australia. One place where you can SELL WITH CONFIDENCE.

Will definitely recommend to family & friends!



Were we excited or what! All thanks to a stranger that stopped us in the middle of the deal at the local shopping centre “Gold Buyers” & told us about Cash For Gold Australia. We got double plus more at Cash For Gold Australia, it was fast, friendly & we were totally shocked at just how much money we got! Thanks again, we have been handing your business cards around. We have each purchased a treadmill, something that will do us much better than sitting in the jewellery box!!

Bec & Sarah – Glen Waverley VIC


Lorena and Team

A friend told me about Cash 4 Gold. I had nothing to loose as the Gold was just sitting there , even though they were old pieces.It took me a few months to build up the courage to come in as a part of me did not want to part with it .

When i came in to the shop in Richmond – All the staff were great . The service was fantastic. You explained to me how your company operates, weighed the items and offered me a amount.

The amount offered as you can all recalled shocked me –

I accepted the amount of over $3500 , which i did not expect. Banked it . Told my new patner Gus . “His attitude was how are you going to spoil your self .”
Today I booked a trip for 2 to USA los Angeles , Vegas and Hawaii for 15 nights . And I am smiling.

Still overwhelmed – Thank You to you and your team on your professionalism , compassion and understanding on that day.

I have referred Cash 4 Gold to all my friends. Get ready for my mother Angela and sister to come in too- My mum is excited about giving my dads gold teeth away lol.

Take Care ,

Christina G – East St Kilda


I was most impressed with the professionalism of the Melbourne Cash for Gold team!They were upfront and open about the prices to be paid on the day (published on their website daily), they accuratley analysed sorted and weighed the vast and mixed assortment of material I had brought in completely unannounced. The pieces were not ammaturely acid tested as others do, but properly scanned by high tech equipment to ascertain the true purity of each piece.In addition they assessed and purchased a considerable quantity of mixed silver coinage and jewellery which also presented a complex calculation process.
Once complete, I was delighted that the figures offered were in line with my calculations and far exceeded what could be achieved elsewhere.
This is what prompted me to travel from Sydney, in this case collecting well over $7000 for my trouble, a sum which was conveniently paid by cash cheque on the spot.
I would recommend them as best in the business to anyone!

Matthew – Sydney


Hi, I brought some old Jewellery to your Richmond Store on Sat 28/1/12 and the following was the result:

1. The Personal Service from the Representative was 10 out 10! Polite, courteous, helpful and genuine.

2. Your store purchased the old jewellery at a fee that I was more than happy to accept, even not having a great deal of knowledge as to what the going rate was for this type of jewellery.

3. It was a far more “genuine offer of service” and fee than what I had received from some other buyers in Shopping centres within the last couple of weeks.

Thanks for the great service and you can be assured that I will recommend my friends to visit you.

Kind regards,

Bill – Victoria


To whom it may concern,I just wanted to say how professional the staff were at Cash 4 Gold in Richmond.I had been to other gold buying places and just didn’t feel comfortable or like I was getting the best price but a friend of mine had recommended you and I certainly had no qualms selling my gold there – and I got a great price too.

Thanks so much guys.

Kind regards



Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to say again how happy I was to sell my gold items to your company.After some research I found you offered the fairest price I could obtain anywhere,in my opinion.So it was well worth the trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane.I cashed the cheque the next day.You guys were extremely courteous and even helpful with my directions also. I couldnt be happier and the whole process took only 10 minutes.

I’ll be recommending all of my friends to your location.Please open a shop here on the Gold Coast lol.
Kind Regards,


Good morning.

I have to say I have a look of absolute shock on my face right now. Yours is the 2nd quote I received, and the previous gold company I contacted (big name in the CBD) quoted half that price with additional items in the gold pack.

Yes, I happily accept your offer.
Thanks again

Vera – NSW