Cash for gold Australia Terms and Conditions

All our free mail packs come prepaid, pre-addressed with a tracking number and insured for the value of up to one hundred dollars $100.00 by Australia Post. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to take out a higher value Insurance for their goods if need be, before posting it to CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA.

CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any customer’s property during the postage process.

CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA Will not buy or deal with any person under the legal age of 18.

The customer takes full responsibility of where they obtained the items they are offering to CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA for sale.

Any customer suspected of attempting to sell any stolen gold jewellery to us will be reported to the police immediately.

By selling precious metal(s) to Cash for Gold Australia Pty Ltd, you declare that you are doing so solely in a personal nature and not on behalf of or as a part of a business or business related entity.

If you are selling precious metals on behalf of or as a part of a business please see our Trade Customers section.

The customer must supply a copy of at least one of the following identifications:
– Valid Driver’s License
– Valid Passport (including permanent residential address**)

OR a copy of one of the following:
– Health benefit card
– Health care card
– Pensioner card

Supported by a copy of one of the following:
– Certificate of Australian Citizenship,
– Marriage Certificate,
– Firearms License,
– Birth Certificate.

**The customer must also provide documentation which substantiates their temporary or permanent residential address in Australia if it is not included on their primary documentation e.g. a utility bill, bank statement or Government health/pension card

In the event that the offer we made to the customer for items sent using the mail pack service is accepted, the payment will be made by EFT in the same day and funds should appear in the customer bank account within 24-48 hours considering that we receive the customer reply before 3pm, excluding weekend and public holidays.

After 7 days from the date of the payment, the transaction then will be considered final and irreversible, and the items will become the property of CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA.

The customer must also agree and accept that CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA will not pay for any stones, gems beading or diamonds as CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA will only pay for the weight of the gold, silver or platinum.

The customer must further agree that CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA have the right to decide in its sole discretion to melt or resell the items they buy from any customer without any further notice or consent from the seller after 7 days from the payment date.

The customer must further agree that any offers made by CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA to them by email, must be responded to by the customer within 7 days in writing. If CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA did not get a response from the customer after a 14 day period, a payment will be made to the customer and the transaction will be final and irreversible.

The customer must also agree that in the event that they send any non gold silver or platinum and/or items of no value to CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA and then they request CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA to send these items back to them, the customer then must pay the postage cost total of $10.00 to CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA by a bank deposit or EFT before their items can be sent back to them.

Should CASH FOR GOLD AUSTRALIA receive any damaged or opened posted Packs, we shall reserve the right to return the package to you without any liability. We do not insure your items; such insurance may be purchased by you. We do however guarantee the items are properly packaged and sent back to you.

Please note that the prices listed on our website are for second-hand goods only.  Goods which are not classified as second-hand will be bought at 10% less than the listed price.  Goods which are not classified as second-hand include but are not limited to: melted bars/rods/buttons/discs/sheets, stock gauge, dust, lemel, nuggets, alluvial, metal sheets, solder wire, foil and components.

Limited liability:

In the event that your items are lost or damaged by us, we shall pay you one third of the value of the items, as supported by purchase and sale receipts, up to the maximum sum of one hundred ($100) only.

You hereby understand and agree that we shall not be liable for any loss or damages in excess of one hundred dollars ($100) only and you hereby waive any claims to recover for additional damages resulting from the loss or destruction of your Items.

Cash for Gold Australia

Is under no obligation to provide a reason in the event that we refuse to purchase any item/s.


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You further agree not to copy and or use any of the information in these sites for any commercial or non personal use other than the purpose of conducting business with us.